September 26, 2015
Virgil Caine Band

VIRGIL CAINE BAND was super excited that DEE MILLER (Fantastic Twin Cities/!!ST.PAUL!!-Blues Vocalist) and and her friend CHRISTINA HOGLUND dropped by to watch and support the band at BEANERS CENTRAL for the ONE WEEK LIVE Event. Whenever you get down in the Twin Cities Look up DEE MILLER and her Band-They ALWAYS rock the house!!!  We also were overwhelmed by the support of all the people that came out last night-Friends of the band and fellow Musician-ISRAEL MALACHI and his Lovely Wife BARBARA BARRY to name a few! The other acts were great-especially our pals SUPER D/DOUBLE CHUCKS/FRACTALS who ended the night! LAst but not least we want to thanks BEANERS for having us! The staff and owner is the best!

VIRGIL CAINE with Mark Howley on Vocals and Harp/Tom Wortuba on Guitar/Keith Fredrickson on Drums and Vocals/David Prudhomme on Bass had a blast last night doing a live recording of some of our older Original tunes and were even more excited to try out the new songs we wrote for our upcoming CD for the people at BEANERS. Look for a couple of VIRGIL CAINE BAND songs on the upcoming One Week Live CD from Beaners. It is ALL Original music from great local artists! We are hopeful that the new VIRGIL CAINE BAND CD will be out shortly after the first of the year. SO look out for the CD release party coming soon!  


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